About the Book

KEVIN COURAGEOUS: A Journey of Faith, Hope and Love is the brainchild of the authors, Kevin’s paternal grandparents, who conceived of writing such a work in the wake of the tragic illness that befell their second grandson, Kevin Sean Mansfield, on February, 23, 2018.

In the emergency room, doctors and nurses worked feverishly to determine what had afflicted Kevin, who was 18 at the time, but they and Kevin’s parents, Dawn and Chas Mansfield, did not know the cause of his possibly life-threatening condition. Kevin remained unconscious and unresponsive. Indeed, he lay comatose for the next eight days.

While it was concluded early on that Kevin had suffered initially from a strain of influenza, this flu had morphed into a case of encephalitis, a potentially deadly swelling or inflammation of the brain. His family learned belatedly that Kevin’s was only the second case of flu-induced encephalitis reported in the United States!

The medical personnel attending Kevin were not confident that he would live and forthrightly communicated their views to his parents. It was day-to-day and minute-to-minute with Kevin’s mother never leaving his hospital room. Dawn slept in her son’s room every night for some six weeks, leaving the hospital only for short periods to shower and change clothes. Her dedication and loving care for her Kevin were and are epic and heroic.

One week after being stricken, Kevin, with his mother by his side and still in his hospital bed, opened his eyes and emerged from the coma. He could not yet speak or stand or walk or take care of any of his personal needs. He had to be fed, washed and assisted to, in and from the bathroom. Despite his six-foot-one frame and eighteen years, this handsome young man faced all the challenges of a newborn. It was daunting for him and all who know and love him. Quite miraculously, we believe, Kevin resisted death and we give thanks to the Lord for sparing him and giving him renewed life.

This is the rest of the story.